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Target: Vary sentence structure and use semi colons

I woke up on Sunday morning to a beautiful sunny day, it was the day of the meeting. The plan for the building of the windmill would be put to the vote. All the other animals and I shuffled into the barn in front of Snowball and Napoleon. Snowball came up with the idea for the windmill and was, very convincingly, arguing for its construction. However, Napoleon strongly disagreed with Snowball; he opposed the building of the windmill, saying it was nonsense and useless. I wasn’t sure who I agreed with, but I knew that I had to decide today.

As we all made our way into the barn, I stood with the other pigs at the very front. Snowball began to speak to us about how the windmill would benefit us and the farm. He spoke very passionately of different advantages to his plan. He was continually interrupted by the sheep’s bleating and eventually I couldn’t take it anymore, I stood up and shouted at them to quiet down. Once they were quiet Snowball continued to claim that the windmill would improve the farm’s productivity. I found myself agreeing with Snowball and many of the other animals were nodding their heads in agreement too.

After Snowball had concluded his speech, Napoleon stood up and stated quietly ‘This plan is nonsense, the windmill would be useless and why any of you would vote for it is beyond me.’ Napoleon sat back down and didn’t seem to care what any of us thought, or even for that matter, what Snowball thought. Snowball was incensed with Napoleon’s words, he sprung to his feet shouting over the sheep; he spoke of electricity, electricity that would power all of our machines. An easier life, a better life for all of the animals and I. We knew who was going to win this vote, Snowball, the windmill would be built after this. Just as we broke into support for Snowball and the windmill, Napoleon stood up, he took one look at Snowball and screeched. A terrible, high pitched screech that silenced all of us.

As silence fell upon the barn, nine terrifying dogs dashed for Snowball; they chased him out of the barn and I ran out of the barn to see if Snowball would survive. Snowball was running fast but the dogs were faster and were gaining on him. Suddenly, Snowball slipped and I was sure he would die, then and there, in the jaws of the dogs. They snapped they’re jaws onto his tail and pulled; Snowball jumped up and whisked his tail free just in time to escape the dogs. Before any of us knew it, he was gone, through a hole in the hedge never to be seen again.

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Station: The day the lights went out.

Just before I start, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry it’s late but it took me a while to get going. Can I speak to you about that.

It was 7.30 pm and Alfie’s bag was empty. The continuous drone of words, going in through his right ear and passing out through his left, lulled him to sleep. Cold air rushed in through the open window and Alfie tucked his hands into his pockets to secure some warmth. It was dark and foggy outside and there was no natural light to illuminate the room, the flickering light just revealed the damp walls and cobwebs. Stood in front of a blackboard with scrawled notes on it was Ms Briggs, she was sad, depressed in fact, teaching here at Station Secondary School wasn’t what she had planned. Alfie and the other children of Station School were ‘lucky’, as they were told by Mr Williams in his weekly assembly.

Mr Williams was a short, fat, red faced and disciplinarian headmaster, he stood in front of all 600 pupils to address them every Sunday. He told them how fortunate they were that the school was an old powerstation and therefore, they were one of the few schools left with power worldwide. Mr Williams was increasingly nervous each week and he told all 600 pupils that the power was running out.

Alfie was searching through his bag for a pen, he couldn’t find one. Nobody had ever forgotten a pen for English before, and Ms Briggs was in a particularly bad mood today. Alfie timidly raised his hand and 20 bored teenage pupils looked his way, hoping for some drama. Sat next to Alfie was Michael and Michael nudged him to see what the problem was. Alfie was lucky, Michael had a spare pen, and he was safe from the wrath of Ms Briggs.

Ms Briggs turned to the class and told them that today they had to write a short story. Alfie already knew what he was going to write. He was going to write about the power running out. Everyone began writing and Alfie began ‘Station: The day the lights went out’. After 20 minutes of solid writing, Alfie had finished. He set the pen down on his paper and looked up. Alfie shivered as the wind blew harder and he raised his hand again. Ms Briggs walked over to him and read aloud ‘… the lights went out…’ The lights went out.

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Snowballs Seven Commandments

1. All humans must be equal.
2. All humans deserve equal rights.
3. All humans should strive for peace.
4. All humans should not segregate or discriminate against each other.
5. All humans should not be judged by race or appearance.
6. All humans deserve equal voting a rights and a right to a full democracy.
7. All humans deserve a right to an education.

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Homework Overdue

Hi Mr North,

I have been ill the past few days and therefore haven’t been able to complete the English homework that was due for Monday, do you mind if I complete it by Saturday?

I’m just returning to full health but have already worked for 5 hours today, hopefully, I can finish it tomorrow.

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My Idea

The thames barrier has failed!

Written from the point of view of a young boy growing up in London which is cut off from the rest of the world as the water keeps rising…

The thing that sets this young boy apart from the rest of society is that he can breathe underwater. On the way home from school one day, the boat home crashes as the water levels have rose so high. It is only at this point that he discovers his talent. How does he fit in? How does he find his parents? The houses are submerged. My story will be about his quest to find his parents, the people he meets on the way, the relationships he forms. The reactions he gets when he tells people.

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An Untold Story

I walked to where Uncle Axel was sitting and said ‘What happened to Sophie? What will they have done to her?’ I was curious and it was stuck with me, the moment when my father opened the door and said ‘they got them – all three of them’. I could not forget and I had to understand what they had done to my very best friend. It was only a small thing, just an extra toe, it can’t have been that bad.

Uncle Axel responded after giving it some thought, ‘Davie, I honestly couldn’t tell you, I wouldn’t want to mislead you.’ He paused and thought on the matter, ‘You know, I used to sail on a boat on the seas and I used to see strange things out there and I have never told anyone about the things I saw.’ He paused again, wondering whether he could tell me of the things he saw when he was a sailor. ‘David,’ he told me seriously, ‘you mustn’t tell anyone of what I tell you now.’ I nodded. ‘I was a sailor, a good one at that. I was like you, I was curious, I wanted to know why the mutants were the devils creation,’ he paused, ‘I didn’t understand why having different features to the ‘norm’ would make you a creation of evil.’ He explained –

I went too far, I went to a place where the land was black. My curiosity took me there. I moored my ship, I stood and looked across the vast blackened land. At first I didn’t notice the creatures, I only noticed the great mountain that left the land in shadows. It was a place of nightmares, it had, however, a strange beauty about it. Then, I noticed them, the creatures. They barely resembled a human. They’re bodies were covered in hair, they were short, half the size of a human. They had long arms, in proportion to their bodies, they dragged along the ground. However, almost the most striking thing about the creatures was their piercing blue eyes. Everything else about them was black or dull but their blue eyes drew you in. It felt like they looked right through you, right into your soul. There were no trees in this place, there was nothing. Nothing but the creatures, the mountain and the black sky.

‘Davie, ever since that day I haven’t been sure about the mutants. I never know what to think. However, it has almost convinced me that some things, some creatures, are of the devils creation.’ He looked far away, ‘Does that mean I am of the devils creation and I am a mutant?’ I asked. ‘No, I don’t know, I don’t see how anyone with a mutation can be of the devils creation, I don’t see how we will ever know,’ he paused again and took a deep breath, ‘all I know is that that place was of the devils creation.’

This was the day I ran…

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What makes a human a human

The defining features of a human that sets them apart from the other species on Earth are:

-The ability of speech
-higher intelligence matter over other species
-emotions such as empathy, sadness and happiness
-if it is born from another human then it must also be human, anything produced from intercourse or if there is a human who suffers infertility and they have a baby not from they’re own bodies production. If it is born from a human then it must be defined as a human.
– if it is mans production then even in the logic of religion it is created via man and man was created by god, even having six fingers or six toes it had been crapeated by gods creation and therefore surely would be a human in the logic of religion.

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Is television being overtaken by YouTube in the youth of today?

Television has been something that families sit down in the evening to watch together from the 1930’s up till now. However, the attention of the youth of today and teenagers seems to be shifting to the Internet. Video sharing websites like YouTube have become very popular in recent years and teenagers of today are enjoying Internet videos more than television broadcasts. 28% of 16-24 year old’s when asked had watched an online video in the last week and only 3% of people asked said they watched more television than they did in the previous year. In a survey of 24 12-13 year old’s, when asked, ‘Have you watched a YouTube video in the last week?’ 88% said yes. YouTube is growing in popularity¬†among¬†young people as it is free to view and some of the main UK broadcasting networks are uploading content too such as ‘BBC’.

Gaming videos on YouTube are very popular and young people are not just viewing videos but uploading them too. In 2010 13 million hours of footage was uploaded to the site.

YouTube has a wide range of things that you can view at the press of a button. It has lots of music videos coming from the channel, ‘VEVO’, it has lots of documentaries on the site, it has gaming videos that come from channels like ‘PewDiePie’ who has 1.3 billion views and over 5 million subscribers. The BBC have made their own channel as they began to realise that people’s attention was shifting to the internet. Loius Theroux owns a YouTube channel, created in January of this year, where he posts all of his documentaries.

There are many reasons why YouTube is becoming more popular than television and one of them definitely is the fact that it is virtually free, the costs coming from the price of a computer and wi-fi. Another reason YouTube has become more and more popular is the spreading of ‘meems’. Meems are very popular videos on YouTube that sometimes seem to pointless. An example of a meem would be ‘Nyan Cat’, a video of a cat flying whilst excreting rainbows. Also music videos like ‘Gangnam Style’ a song by PSY, a Korean music artist became very popular and reached 1.5 billion views.

The increase in YouTube attention has slowly been increasing for since it’s foundation in 2005. However, there has been a huge increase in late 2012 and 2013, things like ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘The Harlem Shake’ have been instrumental in this shift. Research showed that all the major networks in the UK own YouTube channels. BBC and ITV led the way who have had their YouTube channels for 7 years, Channel 4 posted their first video 4 years ago, while Channel 5 posted their first only 3 years ago.

This could affect family tradition of sitting together and watching television because the children may be watching their own form of entertainment by themselves using YouTube.

YouTube is still smaller than the biggest television networks, but the future for YouTube looks bright as the view counts continue to rise.


Weather causes loss of power across Britain

Many homes across the UK have been left without power due to the recent weather conditions. The heavy snowfall has caused a loss of electricity in homes across Britain.

The long winter that Britain has endured continued, even after the Spring Equinox, with snow falling across the country. Roads have been shut, trains and planes have been delayed due to the extreme weather conditions. The bitterly cold weather has had a huge impact on electricity throughout the UK and Northern Ireland Electricity stated that ‘it could be several more days’ before the electricity could be supplied back to homes.

The serious weather conditions led to weather warnings being issued by the MET Office over recent days and up to 21,000 homes could have been affected by the weather. 20,000 homes in Northern Ireland and Scotland have been affected by the snow and have therefore lost all electricity. The snow has been falling heaviest in both countries and has caused many accidents and issues across both countries. Furthermore, 500 homes in Wales and 200 homes in Cumbria have lost power due to the snow.

The severe weather resulted in two deaths. The body of 27 year old Gary Windle was found buried in snow near Burnley, and a woman’s body has been discovered after a land slide in Looe, Cornwall, she is yet to be named.

Weather warnings remain in place from London, in the south east, to Scotland in the North.

BBC News


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