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Challenging Vocabulary – 19/01/15

Our second half performance against Hull was immense with Alex Song a talisman for the turnaround through his creation of two goals. Despite a good showing from club captain Kevin Nolan, some fans still can’t see through their myopia and continue to truculently whine about Sam Allardyce and Nolan. However ineffectual they are for the most part it really does feel as though this viewpoint can run rampant when we’re playing poorly, Allardyce and Nolan are easily scapegoated by the crowd.

Pellegrini, manager of Manchester City is consistently inscrutable whereas with Big Sam, you always know how he’s feeling. I’m sure he could barely resist cupping his hand to his ear at the warm applause at the end of the game, a stark contrast to the boos that rung across the ground at the end of the first 45. Our fans don’t seem to understand that boos aren’t an incantation to inspire improvement, they in fact only demoralize the players working so hard for three points.

On a rather rare occasion however, Big Sam responded to the negative feedback rather propitiatingly with a change to the much preferred 4312 formation. I’m sure though at the end of the season some fans won’t renew their season tickets in delirious abandonment of their club whilst shrilling that Kevin Nolan and Big Sam aren’t worthy of the West Ham way.


*It was very difficult to fit delirious abandonment in.


– The anger swelled within and with delirious abandoment, he let go of the bottle… he meant to drop it.

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Chapter 10 Summary

Ralph, Piggy, Samneric meet after the terrible incidents of the last night, Jack’s dance and Simon’s murder. They all deny their involvement in those events other than Ralph who insists it was murder. Jack’s tribe believe that they have killed the beast. What’s left of Ralph’s group fall asleep but are awoken in the night by Jack and a couple of his hunters. The hunters of Jack’s tribe attack the few biguns left on Ralph’s side, they are unsure of why the attack happened but figure it out when they see that Piggy’s glasses have disappeared. Jack has stolen the fire.


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