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Jan 22, 2014 - Communication    1 Comment

Camera Shots – PEAL

Being the only television programme that I watch, I had to choose Sherlock. The shot that I will be focusing on will be the close up shot on Sherlcok. This shot has been chosen to indicate Sherlock’s emotions to the viewer. The viewer is very interested in Sherlock’s emotional reaction to situations as he is the main character. Furthermore, people love watching other people react to different news and situations, this is why we have whole television programmes designated to telling contestants if they have got through to the ‘next round’. The close up displays Sherlock’s emotions, which are, shock, anger and concentration . Shock because of the open mouth and body language of downwards facing head position. Anger because of the slightly tensed eyes, they’re not wide in the way that they would be with shock. Moreover, there is a wrinkle on the top of his nose indicating that he is slightly frowning. Concentration because of the staring look in the eyes. It is an effective shot because all of these emotions are immediately shown to the audience and this may influence their feelings about the situation.

Jan 13, 2014 - Communication    1 Comment

My Survival Story ‘Thoughts’

People say before a storm everything goes quiet, the birds stop singing and the wind stops whistling. The trees stop rustling and the flies stop buzzing. People call this the calm before the storm. The birds weren’t chirping, the wind wasn’t whistling, the trees weren’t rustling and the flies weren’t buzzing. Everything was silent, motionless. The sky above was grey and the fog was thick. I could barely see anything other than the whiteness and my thoughts. My head was full of thoughts that nobody wants to think. Thoughts that only the bravest dare to comprehend. In my situation, I had no choice.

Suddenly, I felt. This was the first time I had felt in what seemed like days. Days alone with my thoughts. I felt the pain first, searing through my body with the heat of a thousand chillies and with the sharpness of a samurai’s sword. Then, I felt the rock, the cold hard rock beneath me. Then, I remembered, I remembered what had happened.

I was walking along the ridge top of a mountain, Braeriach. The grass was wet and my foot slipped, that is where memory stops. Where was I now? I looked around at my surroundings and I froze. I was sprawled on a rock, two metres wide and 20 feet below the ridge. It was then, after what seemed like days of my thoughts telling me, my body realised the situation. Something strange happened afterwards, for the first time in my life, I began to treasure every minute, every second. Thoughts that nobody ever comprehends, but for the bravest, are of death, pain and fear; my thoughts.


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