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Romeo and Juliet Assessment Results

Over-All grade: (provisional) 7C

  1. Film:  – Not yet assessed
  2. Timeline: – Not yet assessed
  3. Write a new scene: 6A – again you show a subtle appreciation for the intention of the words as well as a command of modern idiom in your translation.
  4. Essay:
    • Reading Grade: 7A – Very sophisticated appreciation of the lingustic, stylistic, generic and historical context of the play. A thorough exploration of the action of fate and the dramatic devices employed to engage the audience.
    • Writing Grade: 7C – Well structured, with detailed reference to quotations from the text to support ideas. Ideas developed convincingly.
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Investigative Journalism – Homework Task

Within the London Fire Brigade there has been a plan, London Safety Plan 5, drawn up by Boris Johnson to make some cuts, Mr Neale Williams, a Fire Brigade Official said ‘Boris Johnson has ordered the Fire Brigade to make £63 million savings in the next 3 years and to effect these savings the commissioner has recommended shutting 12 London Fire Stations and removing an additional 6 pumping appliances from service.’ The Official Fire Brigade website said that only ’£45.4 million of cuts would be made’. Cuts will be made within the London Fire Brigade and there will be £45.4 million made but up to £63 million is possible.


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